About Authors William Briar and Delilah Black

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Hi there! Are you looking to find out more about William Briar or Delilah Black? I’ll let you in on a little secret. They’re both pen names of the same person — me! You can call me Will. I’m pleased to me you, even if it’s through a screen.

I fell in love with the the occult when I wandered into a New Age shop at the tender age of thirteen. I came out an hour later with my first Tarot deck and a book on witchcraft, and I’ve been hooked ever since. In the thirty years since that day, I’ve learned to read fortunes with everything from runes to black mirrors. I’ve also explored every type of magick I could, from chaos to ceremonial. I have practiced core-shamanism since 1997 and recently added Reiki to my skill set. I am a Daemonolater and studying to be a priest within that tradition. Please feel free to check out my list of my current readings and services.

I write regularly about magick and Daemonolatry in my non-fiction books. However, my love of the occult spills over regularly into my fiction too. As William Briar, I tend to examine its darker and more frightening side. Writing as Delilah Black, I not only try to let my love for the spirits I work with shine through, but tell passionate, exciting stories besides. You can find a list of all my books here.